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The Answered Prayer.

After our mother passed away, life was never the same again. Our father took up two roles; he became our mother and also our father. I couldn’t imagine what he was going through himself, having lost his wife, his soul mate and his best friend and now he has to look after his two kids who were both too young to loose their mother.
I tried my best to help dad but I think I gave him more work instead of being helpful. Dad did a great job at raising us up, always making sure we were okay, that our studies were our first priority and to always excel at everything we did.
My grandmother returned to Fiji after working in the States.She moved in with us, I thought it was good that she moved in, at least she kept dad company, I would hear them laugh and talk about the time dad was a kid and all the mischief he got up too.
I was happy, as long as dad and my brother were happy I was happy. Life wasn’t easy, I struggled I was still getting over my mother’s death so it made things hard for me, it go…

Hope And Denial.

It's the middle of August i can remember so clearly, as if it happened yesterday, we rush mum to the hospital, she hasn't been feeling well for a few months now, she would always say she had the flu but eventually you get better and recover from the flu and you carry on living but she didnt get better and here we all are in the waiting room, thinking of the worst and also praying our hearts out.

I could feel my thoughts run miles a head of me trying to figure out what could be wrong with her, she's been fit and healthy, always going for her afternoon walks, always on that healthy diet, always drinking every and any fijian herbal drink. 

'Lord, please let mum be okay, she's a good person, why are you letting her get sick ? why is she here ? why is she still sick ? ' i quietly prayed and questioned God in my head. I began to feel sick, i had this sickening feeling, i sat there with my father asking him with my eyes what was wrong with mum. Finally after what felt l…